Thursday, 7 May 2009

Volunteering with Cultural Canvas Thailand

"If a voice can't be heard, teach it to be seen"- Emily Scott, Former Canvas Art Director

Cultural Canvas Thailand provides first-hand exposure to Chiang Mai's most pertinent issues and problems through hands-on volunteer placements and projects that delve deep into the local community. The Canvas Art Program is a new artistic outreach program that works with a wide-range of social groups and humanitarian organizations in Chiang Mai.

'Here at the CCT Art Program we believe that art is a tool for change. Our mission for the Canvas Art Program is to promote expression and cultivate the creativity that lies inside each individual. We use art to create an atmosphere of inclusion and belonging where often there is none. Art is used as a catalyst for releasing and challenging personal and societal stresses whilst encouraging cultural changes and awareness'

I have the privilege to be travelling over to Chiang Mai to volunteer with Cultural Canvas Thailand next month! I am very excited about it and look forward to sharing different skills and experiences with everyone while I am there and have the opportunity to provide hands-on help and some creative ideas. xx

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