Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Music expresses that which cannot be said...

'Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent' - Victor Hugo

Much like art, music is a powerful tool for expressing ourselves where words simply cannot. Think of your favourite song, the one that really moves you, your emotions spinning away and you forget where you are, you are lost, lost and captured in the simple beauty of the music you are listening to ..beauty...

'All music is beautiful'- Billy Strayhorn.

I am listening to Imogen Heap just now http://www.imogenheapfans.com/ while working in my studio and the feeling of restlessness has vanished and made way for an inspired evening of creating by the evening light streaming through my window above. Of course I may have lost myself in the music but that only adds to my creative response...surely.

I guess this pondering on the effect music has on oneself has reemerged over the last few days while I have been thinking about the music festival I am away to this weekend in a friends garden..while there I will be having a bake sale to raise some money for going off to Thailand to volunteer with CCT. I'm sure there will be some hungry tums there and any excuse to bake is most pleasing...here's to the glorious baking evening in a few days while listening to whatever takes me away to my dreamland...play on.. xx

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